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Meet Ashley Jordan

If you could make one wish what would it be?
I wish all the dogs that are homeless and in shelters, find amazing and loving homes and families. If I could take them all in – I would! I would buy enough land to house them all and give them lots of land to run and play on. I have 2 miniature beagles right now. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind having lots of brothers and sisters! 🙂

What are you currently working on?
I am in the process of finding the right studio to record my next album. This will be my fifth album of all original music. I’m also looking at adding a lot of shows to my calendar with my full band and possibly touring over the summer.

Your favorite memory as a kid?
My favorite memory would be that of riding down in the camper to Cape Cod with my parents and my siblings, blasting James Taylor “Carolina On My Mind.” Once we made it there, we’d ride down to Race Point into the sand dunes. That was the best! I love my family – they are my best friends and I realize how fortunate I am!

Your dream Female artists to work with someday?
My dream female artists to sing and song-write with would be Jewel, Lori McKenna – and Lady Gaga!

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