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Meet Chelsea Rae

Chelsea Rae is a 27 years old country-pop singer, songwriter from Peoria, Illinois. One of a kind and stricken with a mysterious illness at the age of twelve. Fighting for her life and fighting for a diagnosis. In and out of the hospital till the age of twenty five .That’s when the music career began, she started writing songs at the age of twelve and blessed with her first guitar at the age of fifteen and picked up guitar lessons, her mom knew it would put a smile on her face and bring light into her life. Music is truly her life support when she was to weak to do anything.

Chelsea had music with her and when people didn’t understand music has always been there for her. At the age of twenty she moved to Nashville to pursue her music career. At the age of twenty four she didn’t know if she would see twenty five surviving 107 fever May of 2016.

She released her EP Revival In 2018. She hopes to inspire many people through music. She wants to inspire people to never give up, never stop fighting no matter what it is. Most of all never stop fighting for your dreams. She beaten the odds with her faith, strength and passion for music.

Interesting Fact: I am a fighter and a survivor no matter what is thrown my way the obstacles I face I continue to fight and never give up. Also, I was a rapper before I was a country singer.

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