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Meet Elise Melvin

Elise was born in the heart of Memphis, Tennessee, where she was raised on music in the back of her parent’s ’88 Buick Oldsmobile. Country, soul, pop and gospel, she loved it all. Even before she could talk she was “performing” from her car seat in the back of the Buick. It was clear, even then, that she was destined to be on the stage. Though her voice lends itself to any genre, she feels most at home singing Country.

At a young age, Elise opened for artists like Sarah Evans and Earl Thomas Conley. This led to other amazing opportunities for her such as singing the national anthem for The Republican Women’s Luncheon and at multiple Memphis Red Bird games. After high school, Elise was awarded a full ride scholarship to the University of Memphis. She earned her scholarship touring and performing with the university’s contemporary band “Sound Fuzion” for five years. One of her favorite Memphis memories was singing at the FedExForum as the halftime entertainment for the NBA’s Grizzlies. Elise’s was featured as the lead female vocalist, touring the southern states, with a popular Memphis-based pop band for 8 years. She learned about the competitive world of entertainment and music receiving a “Golden Ticket” from her American Idol audition and had the opportunity to perform on stage in Los Angeles two years in a row.

With years of experience and unlimited optimism, Elise made her way to Nashville in August of 2015, beginning her professional journey to a career in music. She is a natural storyteller, able to transport her listeners with her honest, heartfelt writing, and powerful delivery. Her unique, mesmerizing voice and high-energy performances will leave you wanting more. At a mere 4’ 11”, Elise is a force to be reckoned with. “Though she be but little, she is fierce…” – Shakespeare

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