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Meet Jade Naraine

A Southern Belle at heart: Jade Elizabeth Naraine, born in Toronto, ON, always knew she wanted to be a famous singer.

“When I was 5 years old, I went to see Christina Aguilera for a mall signing for her first album and I was just blown away. From that moment on I knew I was supposed to be a star just like her.” – Jade

Jade started performing at weddings, banquettes and tons of musical theatre; however, it wasn’t until the end of high school when she started looking for a music producer to begin recording her own songs.

In 2015, she released her first single to radio called “Cause I Can’t Take Missing, which made the top 70 on media base in the USA, peaking at just 7 spots below Taylor Swift’S Wildest Dreams.

After that, she hit a career halt due to an unlawful seizure of her passport, which caused her the inability to travel for or finance her career, but she began working on more music, recording over 50 demos until 2017, when she formulated an album to be released, along with 4 new singles; including her well liked song; “Princess,” written about her struggles in her emotional life, dealing with many traumatic experiences, including sexual assault, abandonment, and a career halt.

Jade is now getting ready to release a second EP in the Country music genre; “Country Music Took Me Back” after a severe life changing event impacted her ability to pursue a career in Country music for a short time. The EP will be out in April, as Jade begins to take frequent writing trips to Nashville, and California.

Not only is Jade a singer, but she’s also a pre-law student, looking to become a women’s rights lawyer on the side of her music career, to help women who are victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment, in law suits, like she represented herself in her own.

We wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up starring in the latest Disney Broadway musical, as she says it’s always been a passion of hers to play a Disney Princess like Meg, Esmeralda or Pocahontas when she’s older.

Often compared to Taylor Swift and Kacey Musgraves, in terms of writing style and sound, there is no doubt that Jade has a bright career ahead of her. With her diverse love of music, we look forward to hearing what she’ll do next!

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