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Meet Mandi Crimmins

Mandi Crimmins is an unapologetically honest artist ready to tell the truth with her hyper-confessional music. Her music has a completely unique sound, often compared to a mixture of Alt-Rock legends Evanescence and Coldplay. Born in the Boston area, Mandi attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music, where she received a Bachelor of Music degree in Songwriting. She studied songwriting with top songwriters like Grammy award-winning artist Paula Cole, who become more like a mentor and friend. Her debut EP “Piece Me Back Together” was released September 2016, a concept album depicting her journey out of an abusive relationship. Mandi’s new single “Lying to Myself” is off her upcoming EP and is an alternative rock jam that has powerful lyrics. The track is an “anthem for self-acceptance” and tackles serious subject matters like abuse, sexuality, and loving the person in the mirror.

Mandi’s main goal has always been clear: to save people with music, just as much as music saved her in dark times.

“I was once a depressed hurting girl in her bedroom crying to ‘Everybody’s Fool’ by Evanescence, feeling much less alone and misunderstood as the words poured out of Amy Lee’s lips. I want my words to be that safe-haven for someone. I want the chance to save just as much as I was saved.”

Interesting Fact: Amy Lee of Evanescence has a personalized copy of my 2016 EP

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