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Meet Mandy Brooke

From Destiny’s Child to Zakk Wylde, Mandy Brooke’s influences span the musical genres. Her passionate performances prove she has learned from the best, leading her to create an original brand of Pop/Soul ear candy that will wear out your REPLAY button.

Hammer” is the latest single from one of the most powerfully smooth voices in Pop right now. Imagine a voice as magnetic as you’d hear from 90’s Pop icons put to a sublime Indie Rock Pop beat.” – A&R Factory

Her upcoming EP, “Hammer” is simply a bonafide SMASH… and yes, the pun is intended. Apart from the EP’s prolific songwriting, and seasoned musicianship, the production is beyond impressive. Produced by up-and-coming pop producer, Kris Bradley, and mixed by award-winning engineer, Daniel Ford.

INTERESTING FACT: Mandy was born exactly 10 years after Beyonce, on September 4th, 1991. She is a Virgo through and through. 222 and 333 comes up in her life constantly which is why she chose to release her debut single on 2/22.

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