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Meet Montana Modderman

Biggest Musical Influence?
Taylor Swift. I grew up listening to her music and watching her grow as an artist. She was just breaking into the country music scene when I started writing songs. I think watching her career take off really inspired me. I remember the first Taylor show I went to. As I stood in the crowd, I remember thinking, if I ever get the opportunity to do this I want to make people feel the way everyone in this arena is feeling tonight and that is, understood. She not only is incredibly entertaining but she’s also so vulnerable and honest in her writing and I believe people want that kind of authenticity.

If you are not an artist right now what would you be doing?
I would honestly probably be applying for law school right now. That was my plan anyway. I will be graduating in May with my bachelor’s degree. I was going to either going to apply right out of college or work a few years in journalism and then apply. However, I love writing songs too much to and I know I would regret not giving it my full attention come May.

If you have one message to give your fans what would it be?
I think it’s so important to remember that we are all human. Be kind to one another. Be kind to yourself. Do your best. That’s all we can ever do. Love you all lots.

What is the weirdest or funniest question you have ever been asked by a fan?
I don’t know if it’s weird, but people often ask if Montana is my real name. The answer is yes. It’s the name my parents gave me and I’ve got a birth certificate to prove it. When I was younger I actually didn’t like my name. I was always really bummed I could never find it on one of those name keychains that they sell at gift shops. I really love it now though.

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