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Biggest Musical Influence?
Judy Garland (Hannah), Amanda Palmer (Alissa)

If you were not an artist right now what would you be doing?
Master Gardener (but I’d still be singing all day 🙂 (Hannah)
Probably something involving building/restoring vehicles and/or homes (Alissa)

If you could give one message to your fans. What would it be?
Never believe the feeling that you’re alone or unworthy of being heard, seen, and loved just as you are in this moment.
You are significant, your story matters. Don’t be afraid to share it.

What is the weirdest or funniest question you have ever been asked by a fan?
We had finished our set and were chatting with people in the audience when this lady came over, looked us up and down, then said “You gals sound great but you’d probably be more successful if you dressed a little slutty! Why are you so covered?? Ya gotta show some cleavage, give ’em a peek!” We hadn’t had a suggestion quite like that before, it was amusing. We show our ankles now 😉

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