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Alexis Taylor

Written by: Kristina Martin
Photography by: Squeeksontour

This Canadian artist is a jack of all trades. She runs her own business, plays shows nationally and internationally, and loves showing her creative side.

Alexis Taylor’s passion for music comes from her parents. She was raised in a musical family and was always surrounded by some type of music. If her mom was not playing the piano, her dad would be playing the guitar.

“In a way, I guess their passion for music was passed on to me, and I am so thankful that it was. I also have my high school music teacher Mr. Tusz to thank as well. High school was tough for me, and Mr. Tusz helped keep that passion for my music alive. It was nice having someone else other than my family that believed in me and help guide me through such a crucial part of my life.”

Alexis biggest musical influence is Miranda Lambert. She loves the attitude she brings to every one of her songs.

“She speaks her mind while singing in such a way that allows her songs to be believable, and I have always admired her for that. She also doesn’t seem to care what anyone else thinks of her, which can be a good personality trait to have especially in the entertainment industry. She could definitely teach me a thing or two that’s for sure!”

Growing up in Canada has also influenced Alexis’ music. There are a lot of talented Canadian musicians that have made a huge impact on her career and on numerous artists from all genres of music. Every artist in Canada has set the bar high and has made her work harder each day on pursuing her musical career.

“I just hope that one day I will be able to influence others in a positive way like they have been able to do in the Canadian music scene.” In terms of being a country artist Alexis explains “I grew up in Huntsville, Ontario (which is about 3 hours north of Toronto) we only had 4 radio stations. One of them is KICX 106, and I still listen to it every time I am home visiting my family. I just remember turning on the radio and loving the stories in each song, always singing along to whatever was playing. I also think that because I used to live in a small town, I got to experience a lot of things that are written about and sung about in country music. In fact, my town reminds me a little bit of the rural parts of Middle Tennessee.”

Along with pursuing music, Alexis works full time running a company.

“Working full time has effected me as an artist in many ways. Mostly, it has effected the amount of time that I get to spend focusing on music.  It is a struggle to come home after working all day and have the desire to write a song. It is hard to want to sit down and practice guitar when it would just be easier to watch Netflix and not think. But in my opinion, that makes it even more rewarding – when I can push through how I am feeling, and still find the passion inside to make time for what I love doing most.”

So many artist make their way to Nashville juggling a full time job and pursuing music. While it may be a struggle and their may be times where you question if its worth it… if you love what you do, you don’t work a day in your life!

To start the new year Alexis released her new single ” How Do You Sleep“. 

“I wrote this song a few years ago about a guy in Nashville that I had been seeing who ended up cheating on me. I had gone home for the Christmas holidays, and when I came back he was acting different. I stopped by his house one night during a huge snow storm, (Nashville huge not Canadian huge) and he ended up confessing what had happened. Just like the song lyrics state, “I never saw it coming.” I just remember feeling so incredibly hurt by what he had done, and trying to leave his house as quickly as possible without bursting into tears. As I got to my car and tried to leave, I realized I was snowed in and completely stuck in his driveway. All I could do was ugly cry, and pray that I would make it out of his driveway, which I eventually did. A few weeks after that, he wanted to meet up and talk about getting back together with me… to which I said no thanks, and that is when I wrote the song!”

“How Do You Sleep” is available on all music streaming platforms and is featured the on the Female Music Nation Spotify playlist.

“I think the biggest struggle that women in country music face is the lack of support from the industry. There is no lack of talent from female musicians in this town, yet there is still reluctance from many labels to help them get to the next level. The amount of male artists that you hear on the radio verses the amount of female artists is shocking. There have been so many iconic women in country, it is hard to believe that even in 2019 it is still a struggle for women to find a way to make it in country music. Luckily, it is becoming more talked about and there are more outlets such as Female Music Nation, Song Suffragettes, and The Women Of Country to name a few, that are making it easier to be heard. It can be discouraging at times, but it also makes me want to work harder so I can pave the way for the next generation of female artists in country music.”  

There are triumphs and discouraging moments no matter where your musical journey is.To all women pursuing music, keep fighting, keep sharing your music, you are being heard and its just the beginning. 

“I think if I could give advice to someone who is just getting started in music I would tell them to make sure you want it with all of your heart, or else you’re just wasting your time. At the end of the day if you just kind of want to make it in the music industry, you will be very disappointed at the results. You need to want it with every inch of your being, because that is what will make you want to keep moving forward. It will make you want to continue regardless of how many times you hear “no”, or how many times you rewrite a song, or how many hours it takes you to redo your vocals in the studio. It will make you strive to be better, and to work harder, and that is what will separate you from everyone else.”

A few final things that you might not know about Alexis. She is a very creative person in all aspects of her life. She loves photography and anything that is media related. She has designed many of her own marketing and promotional materials, she created the “How Do You Sleep” lyric video and many other things. She also works with numerous musician friends taking photos and create materials for them. Alexis also used to be very involved with sports while growing up. She figure skated and played hockey. She says with both of those sports being involved in her life for so long they have shaped her work ethic, and have taught her to push herself and always work hard. 

We can’t wait to see what else is coming in 2019. Follow Alexis on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date.

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