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April Kry

“Tiny Girl, Big Voice”. April Kry started her musical journey singing in churches alongside her father and sister. Growing up April’s dad was a musician, took part in a touring band and was a worship leader at their church.

“I was always around it and so, music became home for me at a very young age”.

After high school, April made the move to Nashville to pursue music full time. Shortly after the move, April began writing and her passion for music grew. She has now released 3 albums, along with her most recent single “If Girls Ruled The World”.

“If Girls Ruled The World” was released earlier this year.

“This song was a passion project of mine. I had a few instances that led me to want to write about this particular matter, so it was born from personal experience and also wanting to empower and inspire other women who have encountered similar adversities. It really is a message that is SO important, especially in this day and age. My hope is that it gives women a sense of confidence and power with anything they put their mind to accomplishing.”

This song was written with Chris Hurst and Kyle May. In 2019, April plans on writing more for herself and for others.

She tells Digital Journal “I am planning on doing a lot of writing this year. Not just for me, but for other artists because I love writing in different genres. It keeps me on my toes, and I love seeing how other artists interpret my writing. I also plan on doing some shows for CMA fest coming up and working on a new project for myself.”

Shortly after her shoot with Female Music Nation, April made her way to California to write with her sister.  She explained how different the experience is writing in California compared to Nashville.

“I am SUPER excited to write with her. She is literally a genius in the writing room and sometimes I get insecure around her haha. But it’s different writing in LA. Everything is more focused on the melody and beat there and in Nashville it’s more about the lyrics and hook.”

April’s biggest musical influence is Adele. “Limiting it to one artist is hard for me because I have so many different influences! I think right now my biggest one is probably Adele. Vocally she is just out of this world, but I think what I love most about her is how unapologetic she is about who she is as a person and an artist.”

April recently got married to her high school sweetheart. Juggling a job, a music career and a marriage can pull you in many different directions, but when everything aligns it makes everything perfect.

April explains, “It helps when you have a super supportive spouse like I do! Honestly, balance is everything. I used to run myself ragged trying to further my career and have the perfect relationship and job…it’s exhausting and unnecessary because nothing will ever be perfect. I’ve learned that taking time to unwind and just decompress is SO needed. Otherwise you will lose your passion for life.”

“I think in the country genre it’s magnified for sure. There is a huge disparity especially on radio. I think how we overcome it is to speak our minds confidently. Put out music that we believe in and if there is an inequality, speak out! I think we’ve been conditioned by society to keep our mouths shut and I am tired of it!”

Aprils biggest piece of advice to someone just starting out in music would be, “The person that’s going to work the hardest for you is yourself. Be kind, but trust no one.”

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