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Avalon Kali “Looking Back On You” [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE]

Avalon Kali is a country pop artist from California. She moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University with a dream of becoming a singer-songwriter. She is giving Female Music Nation readers an exclusive look at the music video for her new single “Looking Back On You”.

Looking Back On You” is a testament to true love. Produced by Justin Miller; Ryan Morris, Miller and Avalon wrote this song based on a past relationship.

“It is not a typical break-up song”, she says. “Even though there were hurt and heartbreak, there were no feelings of regret. I think at some point, we all have a relationship in our life that was full of growth, support, and love. But, in the end, something’s not quite right. Even though there is love there, it doesn’t necessarily mean that person is yours forever.  It’s a good feeling to look back on someone and the memories you shared together and only be filled with good thoughts.”

When making the music video, Avalon had a vision of making it based on memories. Meeting with her videographer, Andrea, Schollnick, they immediately started brainstorming how they could portray a memory.

“Immediately, I thought of polaroids. The video needed to show that when “Looking Back on You”, it was a happy relationship. I’m thankful to have had a relationship that was filled with so much joy and growth. I hope this song and video can show that you don’t always have to have hard feelings about your ex.”

This is Avalon’s first music video, which she hopes fans are able to see the meaning of the single.

“I’ve been so excited to share “Looking Back on You” with the world and can’t wait for the video to be released.”

Looking Back on You” was released to all music streaming platforms on February 22nd.

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