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Callie Twisselman

Written by: Kristina Martin
Photography by: Squeeksontour

In 2015, Callie released her first five-song EP “Party Lights”. Her single “Breathe” made the Top 30 on MusicRow’s Country Breakout charts, and was a personal favorite!

Callie has a guilty pleasure of online shopping, is addicted to caramel sea salt bars (which are supposed to be healthy but after 2-3, not so much), and her middle name should have probably been cabernet because she loves red wine. She grew up on her families seventh- generation grain and cattle ranch in California, riding horses, learning how to calf rope, and compete in area rodeos. She has a horse named Cash, named after the guy from Men in Black, which she is still riding here in Nashville.

Her biggest musical influence is Shania Twain,

“I grew up listening to Shania and remember sitting cross legged on the living room floor watching her music video for “Man, I feel like a woman”, and at that point I realized not only my love for music but for the artistry behind it. She had a fashion sense like no other and her music and voice were so raw and unique. On top of that, every song off every album was amazing! I never had to hit skip. And that’s the kind music I want to make.”

Callie recently made the move from California to Nashville.

“Moving to Nashville really grew me as an artist. There’s something about this town that inspires you. I wrote about as many songs the first month here as I did in one year living in California. I’ve never felt more sure about anything, this is where I’m supposed to be.”

Since 2015 Callie has taken a break for releasing new music, I wanted to know why and if it had anything to do with the struggles of women in the industry:

“Since 2015 I don’t think there is too big of a difference as to how women are treated in the industry. If anything, I think things are slowly getting better.”

Callie explained that “Being an independent artist it’s hard to just put out music whenever you want to, cause at the end of the day this is a business and you got to make sure it all makes sense. I decided to take a step back and really get a well-organized plan together. After meeting my manager and moving to Nashville I now have a good team behind me where I feel confident in where I’m at.

Earlier this month Callie released a lyric video for a new song that she wrote when she moved to Nashville “California Country Proud”. The song gives you a little glimpse of Callie’s life in California. Her plan is to continue to release new music in 2019.

“The biggest difficulty I’d say with being a woman in country music is radio air play. If you look at the billboard top 20 there’s only 2 females. It’s not that our music isn’t good enough, it’s just ever since the bro-country thing began, women are now looked at as low profit investments to record labels. Therefore, not as many are getting signed, which means not as many are getting pushed to radio. That’s just my thoughts. I overcome it is by writing great music that will hopefully help people love female country again.”

If she could give a piece of advice to someone just starting out in music, she would say you got to have “patience”!

“You got to have that or else you’re not going to last. Along with a love for it. If you love what you do, then it won’t be hard to be patient. Timing is everything. On another note, everyone told me for the longest time that Nashville is where you got to be if interested in the music business. I lived in California, so it was hard for me to want to move across country. But after a few years I finally did, and I would say that is the best piece of advice I could’ve got. Being around the whole community, meeting people and just diving in has definitely picked up the pace in my career.”

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