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Colby Dee

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Written by: Kristina Martin

Colby Dee is a dual citizen, born in Canada, raised in Georgia, and now lives in Nashville.  Her songwriting ability is so personal that it will leave you wondering how she can read your mind. She brings a modern and innovative look to the country music world. She has shared the stage with Brett Eldredge, Kelsea Ballerini, Jana Kramer, Old Dominion, Joe Nichols and others. Colby Dee has a huge fear of glitter, loves celebrating holidays/festivities/birthdays in a big way and is extremely superstitious!

Colby Dee is often asked if that is her real name,

“Yes! It’s not a stage name, it is my real first name. I always say it’s two words, one name! The “Dee” in my name actually comes from my Grandfather, Donard, who passed away 4 months before I was born. My family wanted to honor him in my name since I didn’t have the chance to meet him. A lot of people think my last name is Dee, so they feel like they need to tell me their first and last name when introducing themselves. I get a lot of mispronunciations of my name and don’t always have the heart to correct people.”

Her biggest musical influence is country susperstar Shania Twain.

“I love the beats in her music. Her songs are very empowering and timeless. Since I am a dual citizen of the U.S. and Canada, I love that she is Canadian too.” In early 2013 Colby Dee met Shania Twain in Las Vegas after one of her shows. She told North Shore Magazine “She wished me the best of luck and told me that I was beautiful and that she had to hear me some time, just having Shania Twain tell me I was beautiful was amazing. I could die a happy woman.”

She loves being on stage and loves sharing her music with her fans. January 2019 she released her new single “Best Friend

“I wrote “Best Friend” in January of 2018 with Maddy Rodriguez. Towards the end of 2017 I lost both of my grandmothers within 4 months of each other and in between those losses, my boyfriend and I of almost 3 years, broke up. During the trying times in your life you find yourself wanting to reach out to your best friend and talk to them. And at the time, my best friend happened to be my ex. I was explaining this to my cowriter and she helped really pull from my raw emotions at the time and we got Best Friend out of that session. I knew once we finished it, it was a special song, however, I wasn’t in a place in my life yet where I was ready to release it for the world to hear. I’m thankful I waited a year to release it because now I get to look back on the growth I have made since that time and I get to truly embrace the release of this song. I cherish the impact it has had on me and now others. My producer, Andrew Manzardo, was critical in helping me create the sound I was looking for. Releasing the music video for this song was also a full circle moment for me since I worked with Travis Flynn and Justin Mayotte. I met Travis a few months before I moved to Nashville and he was one of the first people I cowrote with and he even helped me move to Nashville. “Best Friend” feels like the first mature song I have released, so to have Travis as a part of this project was an added bonus, I didn’t even know my soul needed.”

In 2017, Colby Dee started working for Uncommon James. She was Kristin Cavallari’s first hired employee as the head of customer service.

“I love my job; the ultimate boss babe Kristin, my coworkers and team! However, having a 9-5 job definitely makes it more challenging with trying to pursue music full time as well. I don’t get to travel during the week as much as I used to for gigs so I’m only able to play on the weekends out of town. Cowrites also must be booked in the evenings during the week or on weekends. I find it hard sometimes juggling both because I don’t want to put half of my effort in to anything…I want to give 100% at all times.”

On March 3rd, Season 2 of “Very Cavallari” premieres and within the season you might see a familiar face and what Colby Dee’s work life is like day to day.

I asked Colby Dee to explain what she believes is the biggest struggle for women in music right now and how does she overcome it:

“There are very few “spots” currently for female artists in the industry, which makes it more difficult to be heard. As a result, I’m constantly trying to find ways to make noise in a busy world. I also think we need to find additional ways to break down the stereotype that females don’t support females, because we do support each other.”

If Colby Dee could give one piece of advice to artist just starting out:

“Remember this is a marathon and not a sprint. And work hard to home in on your sound, and not a version of someone else. There is no other you.”

In 2019, Colby Dee is looking forward to releasing new music throughout the year and connecting with more fans in person at shows and through social media.

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  • Wendy says: March 4, 2019 at 1:12 am

    Love her honesty and how real she is. I can’t wait to hear more of her music.

  • Lori Kinnard says: March 4, 2019 at 2:12 am

    Beautiful voice and person! Keep reaching for the stars, Sweet girl! 😘

  • Victoria says: March 8, 2019 at 1:32 pm

    Colby Dee raises women up with her voice and with her heart. Shania Twain saw in Colby Dee what we all know to be there, her beauty – both inside and out.

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