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Jenna Paulette

A staple of Song Suffragettes and opening for acts like Zac Brown Band, Joe Nicholas, Russell Dickerson, and High Valley, Jenna is becoming an unstoppable force. She is from a small town in Texas and now calls Nashville home.  Jenna describes her sound has “New West”. Her music has been played on Radio Disney, Radio Disney Country, and has reached more than 200,000 steams on Spotify.

In college, Jenna majored in Visual Communications. She chose this major after hearing Kenny Chesney also received his degree in that area. Jenna told the boot

“ I admired the brand he had created for himself. I wanted to understand how to properly position myself as a country artist.” She continues, ”In advertising, you’re taught to boil something down to its essence and present the quality that sets your product apart in the market to the group of people buying … I feel like it helped me figure out what was special about me as an artist and figure out how to communicate that clearly with the audience I am growing now.”

While many artists chose to forgo college and hop right into the music world, Jenna’s college experience helped her career.

“I made friends on campus who are each amazing at what they do in styling, branding, and other fields.” She adds, ”Now they work with me on my career. It’s the biggest blessing to have people that truly know you help develop you.”

While pursuing a career in music, Jenna is passionate about Female Empowerment. She is involved with the Los-Angeles based organization “Step Up”. The goal of this organization is to empower girls in under influenced communities to fulfill their potential and graduate college. Her passion for this program comes from her own experiences. College ultimately helped her pursue her dream and continue to go after it in confidence, she wants to do the same for others.

Jenna recently released her single “F150”, Jenna said that on the day of her writing with Mark Trussel’s she had no idea what she was going to write about. While she was driving to Mark’s house she saw the logo of her F-150 in her mirror, from there the chorus popped into her head.

“I must’ve stopped in three different parking lots trying to nail down the idea before I got to Mark Trussel’s house to finish the song.”

Once she got to Mark’s, Jenna says that he took the idea to another level. Jenna loves the idea of how a man can be so chill and in control of something like an F-150,

“I loved the analogy of comparing that to being loved as a woman.”

F-150 was later produced by Brad Hill (Maren Morris/Brothers Osborne) and Lee Holland.

Follow Jenna on Instagram and Facebook. Watch her music video for F-150 here. We can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for Jenna.

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