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Jordyn Mallory

Written By: Kristina Martin
Photography by: Squeeksontour

If her perfect blue eyes don’t capture your attention, her sweet southern charm will. A small-town girl from Mississippi Jordyn Mallory has loved music for as long as she can remember. She realized at a very young age that she wanted to go after the dream of being an artist. Jordyn has opened for artists like Loretta Lynn, Crystal Gayle, Jake Owen, Eric Church, Emerson Drive, Ashton Sheperd and many more, you can also see her in Jason Aldean’s music video “Dirt Road Anthem”.

Jordyn’s biggest musical influence is Faith Hill. One of her earliest music memories was when she would be in the backseat of her Mom’s car listening to “Wild One”,

“That song will never get old to me” Jordyn says.

She is a Mississippi girl (just like Faith Hill), so its only natural that her music completely draws her in. Jordyn redid Faith Hills “Take Me As I Am” cover photo, with a little modern day twist. These images look pretty spot on if you ask me, what do you think?

Jordyn’s dream and love for music has led her to experience some of the most amazing and life changing moments. Recently, she just got back from a 2-and-a-half-month theater tour in the Netherlands. I had the opportunity to interview Jordyn about her trip and her 2019 European travel plans.

Listening to Jordyn talk about the Netherlands and all the special moments at certain times felt like I was there experiencing the cities, the shows, and the people right along with her. She loved the Netherlands, her time there was amazing, and she cannot wait to go back. Her shows were played all over Holland, although while most of the time was spent singing on stage, she also got to see Belgium and Paris. I have never been to Europe, so I asked her what one of the biggest culture shocks was for her. When I found out that you must pay for a bathroom, I was utterly shocked.

Jordyn laughed and said “When I found out I thought it was so funny too and everyone there found it funny that I thought it was funny.”

Apparently, they never heard of not paying for a bathroom.

While all the moments in a different country are memorable, I wanted to know if there was one specific moment that stuck out most.

Jordyn said “At the end of each show there would be an encore performance of the “Forever Country” medley. Everyone in the crowd would stand up and sing along. When I think of the most memorable moments, all of them bring me back to those 3 minutes”.

While Jordyn had many visitors while she was there, one thing that she missed most was her dog Baby.

“I think if I could have had him there with me, I might have not missed home so much”.

I was able to dog sit Baby while she was away and trust me when I saw him you would be able to understand why she missed him so much! While the process to get a pet a passport may take a while, the next time she travels there for any longer than a week, Baby will be joining her.

While Jordyn’s Mom and Grandma were visiting, they took a trip to Paris. There was one memorable story that when I heard it, I could only help but laugh. If you know Jordyn, you would know that this story is so unlike her, you can’t help but wonder if it may be fake. While Jordyn, her mom and grandma were out exploring the city a man walked up to Jordyn’s mom and kept touching her arm. As many of you know pick pocketing is huge in other countries. As the man continued, Jordyn crazily walked up to him, started screaming at him, telling him not to touch her momma. Jordyn said although she didn’t curse (her grandma was around) the man was frightened by her reaction and finally ended up stumbling away. Thankfully nothing was taken except that mans dignity!!

If you already follow Jordyn and was able to see her pre-travel to the Netherlands, you know that there were some must have items that Jordyn wasn’t traveling out of the US without. Jordyn shared a story with us about how she waited down to the last minute for a package from Sephora before she left for the airport. She did not want to leave without her Dr. Jart Cicapair face cream! Well unfortunately the package didn’t come until about an hour after she left, but

Jordyn says “You know… I really sound like a brat saying that and I’m happy to report I made it just fine without my face cream for 2.5 months”.

So Jordyn might not have been able to take her face cream with her but there were some things that she was sure to grab before she left.

1. In-Ears- Before Jordyn left, she decided to make the splurge on some nice in-ear monitors. She ended up getting a great sponsorship from Westone! She now has the most blinged out beautiful in-ears ever.

2. NARS concealer and Temptu Air– Having the perfect make up before you get on stage is important. There was no way that she was leaving without having these go to concealers. Jordyn swears by NARS and she uses Temptu on show days.

3. One Two Cosmetic magnetic lashes and Ardell Beauty lashes– Jordyn does not normally wear fake lashes but she says that on stage they are a must have. Before she left, these two companies were kind enough to send her some products.

4. Jordyn’s hair products are a must have! A little secret Jordyn’s hair isn’t extensions, its naturally that beautiful. I joked with her and said that girls these days, including myself spend crazy amounts of money to have hair just like hers!! Jordyn wasn’t leaving town without her Tyme Iron which she loves, and her Redken 28 hairspray.

5. Lastly, her Mason Pearson hair brush. A major splurge item for her but she has really thick hair, “It was more of an investment” she says. While she was there she dropped it in the toilet somehow! Well she wasn’t going without it, so she washed it out and is currently still using it! Jordyn laughed, “Don’t touch my hair, its gross”!

Be sure to follow Jordyn on her social media for other amazing products that she uses daily and some other must haves before her next trip!J

Jordyn will be heading back to Europe in 2019! She will be there for a week in January, playing some theaters and a festival called the Western Experience. Then in March, she will play her first show in Switzerland,

“I have never been there before, so I can’t wait for this one”.

She will be playing in Zurich at the Schützenhaus Albisgütli Festival. In December, she recently booked a show in Belgium.

Jordyn has been perusing her music career for a long time. Her circle of artists continue to grow as she builds amazing connections in this industry every day. She is the perfect role model for new female country artists.

Recently, country women have had the push from superstars like Bobby Bones, Maren Morris, and Carly Pearce to support the fight for women in music. To not see any women in the top 20, when there are many amazing songs coming out is a tragedy. I asked Jordyn what has been one of her biggest obstacles she is facing and she replied

“This might not be the biggest obstacle I’ve faced, but it’s an obstacle I’m facing right now as a woman in country music and it’s this, feeling sorry for myself. We all know that females aren’t getting played on country radio. there’s not a woman in the top 20 right now. I’m sad. It’s so easy to get frustrated and upset over it because it feels like you’re chasing a dream that doesn’t exist. But for 2019, my goal is to take that frustration and turn it into a positive thing that makes me work that much harder when I wake up every morning”.

This is one of the biggest reasons why I started Female Music Nation. Females deserve a fighting chance to share their music. Let’s continue to build each other up and support the passion to create music. Women and Men alike all deserve an opportunity to share with the world the story they are trying to share through song!

Jordyn has some advice for those starting out in country music

“When your feet hit the ground in Nashville, you better be ready to work. Don’t take your time here for granted- there’s always somebody able to take your place that’s just as talented as you are. Practice, practice, practice. NETWORKING IS EVERYTHING. Don’t let anyone stop you, ever. And call your momma, that always helps”.

Nashville is like one big family, with everyone perusing the same dream. We all support each other, and you never know when the person next to you might end up being the next Carrie Underwood, but there is no doubt that if you don’t push there will be someone who is just as talented as you ready to fill your spot.

Jordyn we can’t wait to see all that 2019 has in store for you! This girl is a rising star, with a heart of gold and a drive to make it in country music. Be sure to follow Jordyn and Female Music Nation for more of her European tour schedule and behind the scenes!

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