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Justine Blazer

Written by: Kristina Martin
Photography: Squeeksontour

Justine Blazer is a Nashville producer, singer, songwriter and recording artist. Her style is unique, a mix of country, pop, rock with a twist of Detroit soul while maintaining modern vibes.

Her career launched when she won the Nationwide Ram Trucks Battle of the Bands competition in 2011. After winning, Justine toured the country playing 250 shows opening for Jason Aldean, Justin Moore, Lee Brice, Lonestar and more, while receiving endorsements from Luna Guitars, Dean Guitars, Chrysler Incorporated and more.

She recently released her new single “Pioneer Soul Shaker” the first single off this album.

“Pioneer Soul Shaker, I cowrote with Chuck Thomas, who is Josie Music Awards “Songwriter of the Year.” We wrote it a few years back. We wanted to write something that was going to empower women and people who may go through hard times. This is reminder to continue to persevere, fight and believe in who you are. You can accomplish anything despite the challenges. It’s like an anthem for my life. I hope others can be inspired by this as well.”

Justine talked with FMN while in the studio about why she made the decision to start production.

“I became a music producer because simply it was just time. I have been in studio recording since I was 12. I have spent years in the studio recording my own stuff working with other producers and audio engineers and I’ve had some great experiences, but I’ve also had some experiences that weren’t so good. I just got to a point where I wanted to be in full control of my artistry and my craft. I knew if I was going to stay in this business and continued, I really needed take this to the next level. I had to learn how to do this once and for all. It’s been about 2 years of aggressive, hard work and studying audio. From working with different mentors and internships, to doing as many tracks as possible, it’s been so worth it.”

Her stories brought light to what many women might experience in this industry that is dominated by men. Hearing the stories of being taken advantage of makes me wonder, how many women have experienced this and how it has come to affect their music.

After working with other producers on 6 full length albums and about a half dozen singles, Justine started producing all her own music.

“My new album is coming out in April. This is the first album that I fully produced, engineered, mixed and mastered it all by myself. It was an aggressive task, but I feel so satisfied and happy with the completion of it.” “I do work with a few mentors. Travis Humbert is a big part of my success. He works with Billy Decker who has 15 number 1 hits. Travis works with Garth Brooks, Demi Lovato and more. He has taught me so much. I also belong to this group called URM. Which stands for Unstoppable Recording Machine. It’s thousands of producers all over the world. I am one of only few females a part of this group. I attended the URM Summit in November of 2018 in Orlando, RHh Florida. About 150 producers from all over the world and I was the 1st and only female to attend this conference.”

Justine has many influences when it comes to music and music production. In the music production world, Billy Decker, Sylvia Massey, Linda Perry and Max Martin.

“Linda Perry is one of my major influences because she is a lady who has worked very hard in the business. She started off in 4 Non-Blondes and then evolved to being one of the most successful female producers of all-time earning Grammy nominations, producing Pink, Alicia Keyes and more. I parallel my journey with hers. Starting off as a recording artist a now transitioning into a female producer. That is very inspirational to me.”

As singers, Justine says that Grace Potter, Bonnit Raitt and Reba influence her.

“The biggest struggle of being a female in the music production world is there’s just so little of us. 98% of all producers and audio engineers are men. Only 2% are women, statistically. That is ridiculous for 2019. I thought we would be further along. I hope my movement as being a music producer can help other young girls get inspired.”

“Piece of advice that I would give is it does take a long time to get success. Success sometimes is perceived as this overnight thing. But it’s taken me many, many years to get to the point where I am at right now. People that may just be now discovering my artistry and my music had may not realize I’ve be doing this for pretty much my entire life. I feel like I’m just now getting into a “sweet spot” of my music career. Also, find your niche, find your sound, find your brand. Don’t be like everybody else. Find out what makes you, you and stick to it. Own it!”

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