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Kalsey Kulyk

Kalsey Kulyk is from a small town in Northern Canada. At a young age, her family would encourage her to perform in talent shows, singing competitions, and TV shows. Kalsey grew up never wanting to do anything but sing. You could say that music runs through her soul. Her lyrics bring forth emotion and thought provoking feeling that connects her with her fans on a personal level. 

“My friends say I make people cry. I don’t want to make anyone cry, I just want to make them feel something.”

In high school, Kulyk fell ill and couldn’t seem to get well. It was cancer.

Kulyk was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2008 and underwent six months of chemotherapy.

“I lost all my hair, but got a lot of song inspiration, because there were a lot of people I got to meet during chemo. I’d run home and write about their incredible stories. I had to get it all out, and I wanted to give that voice to people.”  

Ultimately, Kalsey says “Going through cancer changed my life for the better. I saw the world and people and myself through different eyes. I became stronger, more evolved and more present. And I decided that nothing would stop me from accomplishing my dreams and goals.”

As an artist, Kalsey has become more aware of what she wants to say and how she has wanted to give back to her audience.

“Giving people a voice who don’t have one became very important.”

In 2017, Kulyk won Canadian Country Music Association’s Discovery Artist program, as well as Ole’s “On the Spot” competitions.

“Both of the notifications about these things went to my junk mail. So, there’s a lesson in that to always check your junk mail! Also, for the CCMA discovery artist I wanted to get involved in my own countries’ country music scene. So, I applied and from then on, I made it a part of my daily mantra to say my acceptance speech for winning the award. The power of positivity is a great practice. For the Ole on the spot contest, I knew that I had to do it. I knew it would be a great thing for my career. Sometimes you just can’t pass up that feeling. And my gut wasn’t wrong.”

After winning Canadian Country Music Association’s Discovery Artist program, as well as Ole’s “On the Spot” competitions, Kalsey made her way back to Nashville. She says that there is one word to describe how Nashville has changed her as an artist:

“Better. You can’t help but become a better artist being in the hub of creatives.When I moved to Nashville three years ago I promised myself I would take the time to understand and perfect my vision for myself and the message I want to send out to my listeners.”

Kalsey biggest musical influence is Stevie Nicks.  

“Stevie is pure magic. When I was 17-22 I worked with the producer of Fleetwood Mac who was very close to Stevie and Lindsay. So, I feel with all the stories I’ve heard of Stevie I kind of feel connected in a way. I get a lot from other people that I sound a bit like her as well. We both are kind of hippy child’s too.”

Earlier this month Kalsey released her single “More Time”. ““More Time” is a song I wrote by myself. It’s a true story about my grandpa being diagnosed with terminal cancer and calling me to tell me he wishes he had more time to spend with me. I wrote it for anyone missing a loved one and kind of a lesson to not let life pass you by.”

In terms of the fight for women in music Kalsey says:

“I honestly try not to look at things as a struggle. I look at them as “what can I learn from this and how can I keep focused and stay grateful for those around me who believe in me” the music industry is always evolving and if we look at roadblocks and a struggle and not a learning curve then we will always be behind the road block. I think my thing is to just keep on doing what I do and stay positive and try to be different.”

The one thing I wish someone would’ve told me is to not allow someone to make you feel like you don’t know who you are. Be straight and honest with people and if they try to change that then you shouldn’t work with them.

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