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Karianne Jean

Karianne Jean grew up with a love for music, that steams for her mom. Her mom is a classically trained vocalist and has been singing and teaching her daughter to sing her entire life.  Music has been a part of Jean’s life and in her home for as long as she can remember.

The most influential artist in Karianne’ s life is Mariah Carey. It was a tough choice due to being exposed to and influenced by so many amazing artists and different genres.

“Mariah Carey is my biggest musical influence because she started it all for me. My mom played her early albums to me when I was in the womb & I continued listening to her albums on repeat throughout my life. I remember being pretty young & singing along to songs off the Daydream album over & over trying to hit all her runs & notes (impossible!). She really gave me so much to aspire to. I remember being like 5years old & crying because she didn’t win a Grammy, she was nominated for. I was very invested.” 

Karianne’s sound is soulful, sassy, a little sexy with a touch of a classic throwback vibe, emotional and honest.

“I think when you are being your most authentic self it inspires others to be their most authentic self & that is something I continually try to do. I want so badly for people to feel good in their own skin & know they are their most perfect when they are living their truth, whatever that looks like.” When Karianne first moved to Nashville she tried so hard to be accepted into the country music world. She said that she would listen to the radio to gauge who she was, how her music would sound and what she should write about. After living here for a few years, she finally has realized that being authentic and being you is the only way to be. “I’ve come to the realization that being authentic to you truly are & how you truly feel is the only way to be successful. After some exploration & soul searching, I feel like I’ve found my own voice & my own sound & I’m excited for people to hear it on my new album that is currently in production.”

Currently, Karianne is working on her debut full-length album.

“I’ve had the concept in mind & majority of the songs picked for so long, I was just waiting on the right team to bring it to life & by a series of lucky coincidences I’ve teamed up with an amazing producer, Greg Archilla & he has assembled the most incredible people to help bring it to life.”

She is a co-writer on all of the songs except for 2 which she wrote herself. Each song Karianne says explores a different piece of who she is.

“There are uplifting tracks, dance tracks, confident tracks as well as dark, deep, introspective tracks. I wanted it to encompass all my sides & give a bigger picture of who I am.” “So far it has been an exhilarating experience.  The most amazing part is seeing other people get inspired & excited about it. I’ve been so excited about it by myself for so long that it’s so awesome seeing other creatives connect to it & bring their spirit to the table in its creation. I’ve also experienced some serious anxiety & fear about how it will be received because it’s so different & out of the box. But I feel that all challenges are an opportunity for spiritual growth so I’m doing my best to soak up the lessons in this phase of the game.”

She can’t give to much more away except it’s a full-length album. “Which is not what most people are creating because the industry has seemingly given up on the attention span of listeners being long enough to digest a whole album at once. However, I had to follow my gut & my gut screamed that this was the call.”

Besides her album, Karianne recently started a blog, Food. Fashion. Fabulous, bringing you everything you need to be your best self.  Karianne loves to cook and be creative in the kitchen. A couple of years ago after chronic stomach pain, Karianne made the choice to go full vegan.

“Since making the switch I’ve had so much fun recreating my favorite dishes to be vegan. I started getting a lot of questions from friends & family about how I made some of my favorite foods so I started the blog to post recipes so I could send them to those who were interested in vegan-ising (new word!) their favorite dishes.”  

Not only did going vegan change her health and resolve her stomach issues but “It also really opened my heart to all living things & opened my eyes to the horror involved in producing animal products. We are conditioned from such an early age to be ok with killing & eating other living things, but I don’t believe that is inherently in our nature. I’m passionate about showing people who are curious, that being vegan doesn’t mean you have to give up the meals you love, there are so many great alternatives. Spreading that message is close to my heart.”

Lastly, it has changed Karianne as an artist and writer. She says that it has opened her heart up to all living things and allowed her to become more empathetic and better relay messages through song.

“I think the biggest struggle for women in music right now is that we are stuck in a collective belief that it’s all hard & unfair. By that I mean, we all need to shift our thoughts. Instead of focusing on the difficulties & challenges against us, we need to be focusing on our strengths, what makes us great, what makes us important & needed in any industry. We need to focus on what we have to offer & what our souls are guiding us to do. I’m not saying that it’s easy or that we have always been treated fairly at all but by focusing on that which we cannot control we are taking attention away from what we can control which is ourselves & our power. If we set our focus on our God given greatness, the right doors will open. “

If Karianne could give any advice to others starting out in the music industry

“Don’t try to please anyone. Not the industry or that producer you met with or the label you want to sign you. No one. If you are busy trying to be what you think other people want or expect, you’ll have no time to be & explore who YOU really are. & being authentically you is the entire reason you’re alive.”

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