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Liddy Clark

Liddy Clark, the 20-year-old Radio Disney Country rising star is originally from Parkland, FL. She is currently a sophomore at University of Southern California, where she’s a dean list student at the Thornton School of Music.

Liddy’s most recent single “Shot Down (Stand Up)” is a sad, yet uplifting response to the school shooting in her hometown at Stoneman Douglas High School in 2018. The day after it happened Liddy knew that she wanted to write a song about this heartbreaking story. She was so angry and upset about the subject , that every time she tried to write about it she couldn’t gather her thoughts. 3 months after the shooting, Liddy was invited to the “Wear Orange Day” event in Parkland, an event that brings awareness to the Gun Violence Epidemic. That night was the night the song was written. Liddy explains:

“I wrote the song because of every story I had heard when I went back to Parkland for the first time since that day. My town had significantly changed during my spring break, there were banners everywhere that talked about it, I would pass the memorial by the school every time I was driving home, and when you would go out to dinner everyone was very hushed and afraid to talk about it. Everyone I know has been affected by gun violence in some way or knows someone personally who has. I wanted to write to convince listeners that this is an issue we need to acknowledge, and that it can be fixed if we can put aside political differences and just focus on keeping our kids safe.”

Clark was recently selected as an iHeart Radio Digital Artist of the Month and has performed at the iHeart Radio Live Sessions in New York City.

2019 brings a new school year and to Liddy the goal is following “Testing The Waters” with the release of two more EP’s. She is hoping that her music continues to connect with her listeners.

“I love hearing stories from other people about how they’ve related to my music,” Liddy continues “For me one of the greatest things about music is when you hear a song and it gives you a feeling of completeness—it just fits into your life in this perfect way, my hope for my music is that it gives people that same kind of feeling.”

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Check out the acoustic version of “Shot Down (Stand Up)” here

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