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Lyrx, whose real name is Gabby Mooney, beats to her own drum as she is the country worlds rebel child and she has no shame in that.From a small-town, Natural Dam, Arkansas, Lyrx gets most of her influence from rockers like Gwen Stefani but is a huge fan of country girl Shania Twain. At 17, Lyrx joined a southern rock band and traveled to dive bars in the southeast.

“Country music would talk about what I knew, but the rock would speak to who I was, the emotions and feelings.”

Growing up Lyrx would sing with her sister Erica and their brother Shay, from the country duo Dan + Shay, in church when they weren’t doing chores on the family farm. Shay later encouraged Lyrx to consider pursuing music in Nashville. Her musical inspiration comes from everyone and everywhere and her family pays a large role in so many of her songs.

“When I write country music, its just me writing about my life.”

Lyrx pulled from childhood memories and experiences during her recent cowrite with Walker Hayes for his new hit song “90’s Country”. Along with Hayes, she has written with industry legends including Shane McAnally, Shay Mooney, Benji Davis and many more.

Recently, Lyrx released her new single “Take The Money” independently.

“I’ve gotten so much advice from bigger names in the industry. People telling me that I need to write differently or be different to “make it.” I just got sick of it. I’m here to do what I love, and I feel like people want the REAL me. Not what the industry tells me I need to be. So, they can take the money. I’m going to take the country I know and love. I’m country as heck; I grew up milking cows and gathering eggs. THAT’S real. And I’m going to stay true to that.”

Lyrx wrote “Take My Money” with Ben and KK Johnson. When she walked into the write she knew she wanted to write something fun.  She was talking about how she wanted to write about going against the norm in the music industry. Ben Johnson started off the production on this edgy song. The vocals you hear on the track are the actual demo vocals. Ben and Lyrx’s spent so much time on the song that there was no question that they were going to be kept on the final version. She then took the track to Kent Wells, where the unique instrumental sounds of live drums, Mando, and flair were added. Finally, Mark Needham added his own little touch to the final mixed track.

To Lyrx, releasing this song has a much deeper meaning after spending five years trying to make a name for herself in Music city.

“I have a lot of respect for the music industry, but I also think that they pass over a lot of people. They’ll sign the next Miranda Lambert. They’ll sign the next Kelsea Ballerini. They won’t sign the first anybody.”

Lyrx has started off 2019 on tour promoting her new single. Be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram for up to date information on all this rising star has coming this year.

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