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Meghan Patrick Goes Number 1!

Earlier this week Meghan Patrick received news that her song “Walls Come Down” hit #1 on Canadian Country Radio. She is the second female behind Lindsey Ell in the past ten years to receive a number one song on Canadian Country Radio. When I asked Meghan how she felt she said…

“It feels more amazing than I ever could have imagined. I am so proud of myself and Lindsay and honored to have been a part of changing the course for women in country music.”

Meghan wrote “Walls Come Down” with Justin Weaver and Kelly Archer. It’s an emotional story of a family overcoming difficulty when all the family secrets come out. When listening to this song, it sounds personal, it hits you like a brick wall of emotion. I asked Meghan where the inspiration came from,

“At the time, my parents were splitting up and it was really difficult for me to watch that happen and be away from home. Even though it was amicable, and we are still a family with lots of love, it’s different now for sure.”

Meghan’s co-writers, Kelly and Justin also started sharing stories about their own experiences and those of people close to them and it made her realize how common this is to a lot of people. So even though this song isn’t a word for word story of Meghan’s own life, it is an honest and real depiction of stories that happen every day. Meghan wanted her fans to know that no matter how crazy or broken they think their family is, or if they feel like they are alone in going through a divorce or their own struggles, they are not alone.

Meghan says, “Talking about the hard stuff through music is just as important as the good stuff and the fans and radio proved that by making this my first number one song!”

Begin a woman in country music right now comes with tremendous obstacles, it sometimes seems like a never-ending battle to make it to the top. The charts have become a boy’s club with women being able to sneak a peek through the front door right before having the door closed on their face, telling them to come back later but not for Meghan. Meghan has won the CCMA Female Artist of the year twice and now has a number 1 single. I asked Meghan “How she has overcome the obstacle of being a woman in country music?” She answered

“I think the most important thing I’ve learned about breaking through those obstacles is to not be a victim. Not be a victim of the undeniable circumstances women in country music are up against. I’m certainly aware of the issue, but it won’t define me, or let me feel sorry for myself. I just keep pushing forward and stay focused on making great music until I am undeniable… because at the end of the day, a great song is a great song whether it comes from a male or female artist. People want to believe in and support strength and perseverance, and this industry is hard on everyone in it regardless of gender. More important than anything is to stay true to yourself in your artistry, know your audience and fan base and what it is they love about you, and make music they want to get behind. And last, be kind to everyone you come across. Don’t be a doormat, but always be kind, and it will come back to you when you are down and struggling. This year has been tough for me, but it ended on a high when so many people rallied around me to make this #1 happen and I am so grateful!”

I have no doubt we will continue to see Meghan help pave the way for other female artist in this industry. You can see that with the motivation and strength she has that nothing will stop her! If you’re just starting out in music take this piece of advice from Meghan

“Don’t be a victim, be strong, be true, be kind, work harder than everyone else and keep pushing when you think it’ll never happen. Have faith that it will!”

Thank you, Meghan, for taking the time to talk with us, we cannot wait to hear the new music you have ready for your fans in 2019!

Be sure to check out Meghan’s entire album “Country Music Made Me Do It” and the music video for “Walls Come Down”!

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