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Rachel Reinert – From Lead Singer To Solo Artist

A Southern California native, Rachel was previously in part of the award-winning country group Gloriana. In 2016, Rachel took a leap of faith and left Gloriana to pursue a musical career on her own. After her departure, things were a little difficult; people stopped returning her calls, she couldn’t get a record deal, and without Gloriana attached to her name, she had trouble booking gigs. While it was a struggle to grow as a solo artist, three years later Rachel is a rising star with a unique sound and inspirational determination to overcome the obstacles to pursue a career she loves.

Rachel has lived in Nashville for the past 14 years. Her musical influences stem from music that came out of Laurel Canyon in the 70’s, anything from Fleetwood Mack, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, The Eagles, and Neil Young. All music that her patents raised her on.

Rachel says, that her inspiration comes from her personal experiences.

“I try to find a song in almost every situation. Whenever I go into a writing session, I typically write whatever I’ve been going through in that moment. Not only is it cathartic for me, but it also breathes life into the song.”

Her debut solo single “Cool” reached 100K Spotify views. It was her first song since her departure from the band and gave Rachel the opportunity to learn her new signature sound. Her sophomore single “Dark Star” was released in late October of 2018 and is a testament to her new sound with her musical comeback.

Dark Star was written about a year and a half ago with Joe Pisapia, KS Rhodes, and Rachel Reinert. Rachel explains:

“We started the session discussing what was on my mind that day, and the song just poured out of us so quickly. Joe and KS really helped make the song feel personal but also ambiguous enough that other people could apply their own situation to it. We immediately recorded the demo at Joe’s studio that same day, and it had such a magical essence that I made sure we kept many of the elements from that day in the actual recording later. It was a really special day”.

The song was later produced by Davis Naish.

“Dark Star” was written during a time when Rachel was overcoming a challenging and difficult transition from her band to her solo career.

“I was struggling with the feeling that I was completely falling behind, and I found myself constantly comparing my path to other artist’s careers. I was scared about being completely forgotten – or worse – that I’d be remembered for things I didn’t want to be remembered for. I also had heard some rumors that I was no longer doing music, mainly because I hadn’t released anything on the heels of my departure from the band; but in reality, I was just out of the limelight working on my songwriting. I felt like I was free falling through the atmosphere while I was sorting everything out, but I knew deep down that I had this light within me that people just had not seen or felt yet. I needed this song to remind myself of that”.

Dark Star can be found on the Female Music Nation Spotify playlist. We cannot wait to see all that is yet to come for Rachel. Keep an eye out for this rising star in 2019! Follow Rachel on Instagram, Facebook, Website and watch the Dark Star music video.

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