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The Highway Women

The Highway Women is a group of female solo artists from across the country who have banded together to support women in all aspects of the music industry.

The musical influences of these women range from the legendary Bonnie Raitt and Reba McEntire to Kelsea Ballerini and Lauren Alaina.  When you put this group of talented female creatives in a room the work they do together is magic. They support one another and are open minded to trying out each other’s ideas.

Currently, they are in the studio working on more singles and tracks for their upcoming EP. They are practicing for a tour which will be announced in a few months and are all busy establishing solo musical careers.
Back in November of 2018, they released their new single “The Devil”. Written by Cory Singer and produced by Justin Blazer. This song is a tongue and cheek storyline about making it in the music business.  It is not an easy business for anyone and at times you feel you are really paying your dues to The Devil. It is available on all musical steaming platforms.

The Highway Women
Karissa Ella – Nashville Highway Woman
Sarah Ann Garrison – North East Highway Woman
Jenn Ford – Texas Highway Woman
Heather Harper – Texas Highway Woman
Laura Rice – North Easy Highway Woman
Amy Holden – Texas & Nashville Highway Woman
Tiffany Valentine – Texas Highway Woman
Heather Linn – Texas Highway Woman

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