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The Jensen Sisters

Goodridge, Minnesota with a population of 132 is where The Jensen Sisters call home. Kendra, the only girl in her class of 6, graduated from high school last year. Kansas is 15, and a sophomore in high school, with a class size only double her sisters. Growing up in a small town, the Jensen sisters believe it has shaped them into the people they are.

“It has given us a unique outlook on life, and we couldn’t imagine growing up in any other place.”

Music was never a path they imagined for themselves. When the girls were kids, they would sing in church with their mom. Growing up, Kendra was so shy that she never wanted to step foot on stage. In the spring of 2015, Kendra and Kansas decided to sign up for their high school talent show.

“We’ve always done everything with each other, so the idea of us singing together just felt natural. We practiced for weeks leading up to the showcase. A couple days before the talent show we wanted to quit. We begged our parents to let us cross our names off the signup sheet, but they wouldn’t let us. They taught us to finish what we started and looking back are so thankful for that. So… the night of the talent show came, we got on stage and sang for the first time in public together. We sang the song “Good Hearted Woman” by Waylon Jennings, which probably isn’t the obvious song selection for a 12 and 15-year-old but that’s the kind of music we loved and still love to this day.”

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When people ask the girls to describe the kind of music, they play their response is always, “good ole country music.”

“It comes in so many different forms and sounds, and that’s what we love about this genre. To us, country music is all about telling the stories of life and relating with people through those songs. That’s what makes country music such a great family, whether you’re playing pop country or outlaw country we’re all connected through the stories we tell, and that’s something really special.”

“We always say we’re country music fans firsts, artists second and last but not least radio show hosts.”

A few summers ago, the girls went to a local radio station to be interviewed for the first time. They were extremely nervous and had no idea what to expect. They walked in to be interviewed and walked out with their own radio station. For the past year, the girls have been hosting “The Gypsy Outlaw Radio Show”.

“We love our radio station Pioneer 90.1, they graciously let us be on air every week and allow us to have complete creative control of our show. We get to play the music we love and interview artists we are genuinely excited about. The show features a variety of classic, americana, and outlaw country music.” Tune into Pioneer 90.1 every Thursday at 7pm and Mondays at 10am. 

“Our mom taught us growing up that it’s important to put your best foot forward and to have pride in who you are.”

One of their favorite ways to do that is through their clothing.

“Fashion is just such a fun way to express yourself and be creative, so when Simply Boutique reached out to us and asked if we would ever be interested in teaming up with them to do a clothing collection, we were so excited.”

The Jensen sisters describe going into the store like going to hang out with a group of your girlfriends. They walked them through the entire process of picking their collection and having them find the perfect pieces that define who they are. The collection has 12 pieces in total. 

“A big priority for us when designing the collection was creating something all women would love, so there is an even split of straight sizes and plus sizes. We strongly believe all women deserve to feel beautiful in their own skin and that was the main goal of the Jensen Sisters Collection, creating something for all different styles and sizes.”

Now, a few years later, they have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people and experience so many life changing opportunities, including their radio show and clothing collection. Their latest project has been recording their first EP “Highway Hippie”. It will be released this spring.

“We are so excited to be putting this music out into the world, and we can’t wait for people to hear the sound we’ve been brewing up here in Minnesota.”

“We believe there are so many advantages of being a woman in the music industry. Women have such a unique perspective to offer the music world. But of course, just like anything else, it comes with its struggles too. We think one of the hardest things about being women in the music industry is the pressure we put on ourselves at times. It’s so easy to get caught up in our own self-doubt and compare ourselves to others. Just because someone else is talented and successful doesn’t mean you can’t be too. Once you have confidence in your own capabilities it’s easier to get out there and support other amazing female musicians.”

“We think the best advice we could give anyone just starting would be to relish in each victory and really enjoy the moments. A lot of times we’re so focused on reaching those big goals we don’t fully appreciate everything we’re doing right now. Celebrate the fact that you’re following your dreams, that’s something a lot of people don’t have the privilege of doing.”

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