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Amanda McCarthy releases Fusion

Writers: Amanda McCarthy
Producers: Kristian Veech (Boston, MA)

Story behind the Song:

The story behind this song actually takes place over the span of a decade. I was sexually assaulted back in 2008 by my, at-the-time high school “boyfriend.” Naturally, this impacted me in a lot of negative ways, stuck with me for a long time, and ultimately played a huge role in shaping the person I have become. I wrote this song back in 2011, and had occasionally played in for a crowd once in a long while to positive results, but never was brave enough to formally release it because of the vulnerable place it comes from. While I’m open about it now, I never used to talk about this to anyone at all.

This past summer, after getting out of another (mentally) abusive relationship, the reminder that the 10 year anniversary of the original assault was creeping up on me, and I finally found my voice and decided it was time for this song to come to the surface. With the help and support of my band, we put it together fast and released it on the exact anniversary date, November 21st. While the song was written years ago about the initial experience, the recording and release process has very much encompassed both experiences.

The recording process went as one would expect, but being unable to get more studio time to finish up the background vocals, those parts only were recorded in my producer’s closet!

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”Fusion” is featured on the Female Music Nation Spotify Playlist!!

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