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Brittany Brodie’s New Single “Hope”.

Writers: Brittany Brodie and Michelle Pereira
Producer: Dave Smith

Story behind the Song:

I threw the idea out there in one of our writing sessions with Michelle about a story like idea that just came into my head about a young person in the hospital and their experience and we went back and forth on some storylines for the child and then of course wanted to share about the people who work in the hospitals and who help and save us.
It immediately became something we knew we had to write about. We did not finish the song in one session, but I was sure excited about Hope. It was in my head a lot and how to say what we needed to and to not go too dark. As we know hospitals are a difficult place.
It was very emotional as we all have been in the hospital or know someone who works in one, or think about people and what they go through in that building and how they need “Hope”.

“Hope” is avaliable on all music streaming platforms

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