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Dariann Leigh Releases 1st Christmas Single

Written by: Dariann Leigh
Producer By: Zach Staas

Story behind the Song:

Dariann Leigh wrote this song after seeing posts on social media about a young boy, whom she didn’t know, that had passed away from suicide. It hit her heart hard. She couldn’t stop thinking about how badly he must have been feeling. To be at such a young age, feel like there was nothing better for him. She also could not stop thinking about how badly the family must be hurting, and then realized, Christmas was coming up. It broke her heart to think about parents going through their first Christmas so soon after the sudden loss of their child. Sitting in her dorm room at college, she picked up her guitar and wrote one of the first songs she’d written in months. The first lyric came to her head in a flash, “It just doesn’t feel the same”. The rest of the song wrote itself. Filled with such strong emotion, she cried, and realized this was a song she needed to do something with.

While in the recording studio, she heard it had snowed 10” back in Minnesota, so she wasn’t lacking any inspiration to capture the christmas scene she is use to. Her production team who made it easy for her to get into the headspace she needed, recording this song came emotionally and vocally as she had hoped. Dariann is hoping that this song will be everything the listeners need it to be during this season of both joy and pain.

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