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Kamryn Marie releases new single “Baby Girl”

Writer: Kamryn Marie
Producer: Stephen Joseph Antonelli of Song Builder Studios

Story behind the song:

“My parents and I were struggling with our relationship after my father was less than thrilled when my fiance asked his permission to propose to me, even though he loved my fiance. I eventually realized that his hurtful words were because he was scared of me leaving and growing up, so I wrote the song to him and my mother letting them know that I love them too, but I need to spread my wings and enjoy my new life with my new love, but that I won’t be too far away. The lyrics and melody were actually written by me within about 10 minutes. I sat down and the words came flooding out to their own melody. Since the song has been shown to them, our relationship has continued to grow stronger.”

Baby Girl is a features music video this week!! Watch here

“Baby Girl” is avalaible on all music steaming platforms

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