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Lexi Cline Releases Her New EP “Magic Trick” Today!

“Magic Trick” was recorded at Cinderella Studios with Robert Lucas as the producer.
The musicians on the EP are Ben Valine, Hilton Reed, Jonathan Radford, Rusell Paul, and Renee Pyne.

Story Behind the EP

The inspiration of the song Magic Trick came to me last Christmas Eve when I decided to write about my parents being divorced. Both of my parents are wonderful and very supportive. But I know I am one of many who experiences a lifestyle of divorced parents, and more than anything I wanted to write words to reach out to other young people so they know they are not alone.

“Peals of Wisdom” came to me after I moved to Nashville. Pearls of wisdom is an expression meaning wise words or statements. So in my song, I describe tragic experiences other people may go through and am asking for their advice on the situation, “Pearls of Wisdom”.

“Magic Trick” is available on all music streaming platforms

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