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Melanie Meriney releases new single “Sober You”

Writers: Melanie Meriney, AJ Kross and Krista Angelucci

Story behind the song:

“Sober You” is about somebody being the shoulder to lean on when they want to be more. I co-wrote it with two of my best friends in Nashville, AJ Kross and Krista Angelucci. One of us came to the room with the idea “I’ll never get sober you” (playing off of ‘I’ll never get over you’). From there, we kind of spun a story that I think a lot of people can relate to. It’s the whole idea of unrequited love, where your love for that person is selfless to the point where you sacrifice your own feelings to be there for them. The narrator knows that she’ll never get him to look at her the same way he looks at the girl he lost. He’s given that girl his best self, and now all the narrator gets is this broken version of him. “I don’t say those words ’cause it’s not worth it, but we’d be perfect…” Any confession she has for him is going to fall flat in lieu of his breakup with the girl he idolizes, but that doesn’t stop her from wishing.

It was a really fun one to write because AJ, Krista, and I play off of each other’s strengths- we all bring something cool to the table, whether it’s lyrics, melodies, or a certain vibe.

“Sober You” is available on all music streaming platforms and is featured on the Female Music Nation spotify playlist

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