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Rebel Union releases “Different Roads”

Writers: Rebel Union and Ryan Calhoun
Producer: Dan Hannon

Story behind the Song:

We wrote this the first time we ever co-wrote with Ryan and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. This song was the result of a lot of red wine and good conversation. We wanted to write a love song to the world right now. We’re all different in our own ways- we were all raised differently, have different views and opinions, but there are so many more similarities we all share that we should be recognizing while celebrating our differences.

Dan Hannon worked his magic on this with us and really brought it to life. He created an atmosphere where the song could get to a really intimate place, which was really important to us.

We recorded most of this song at Blake and Suzanne’s house in a DIY studio! I think that helped with the intimate feel, it was so comfortable and genuine to be able to create the track in a familiar space.

You can listen to Different Roads on Spotify (recently added to the New Music Nashville playlist!), iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Google Music.

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