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Prominent Music Industry Women Convene, Offer Valuable Career Advice At GRAMMY Museum Panels

On Monday February 4th, A celebration Of Women in Music came together at the Grammy Museum, where they discussed how music has shaped them. Exploring the Building Blocks of a Music Industry Career aimed to inform the audience, which was made up of a predominantly diverse group of students from middle school to college, how women have successfully navigated the various sides of the industry from the creative side to business and beyond. 

In 2018, Professor Stacy L. Smith and the University Of California Annenberg Inclusion Initiative released a study that said that just 22.4 percent of the performers across the 600 most popular songs from 2012 to 2017 were female; only 12.3 percent of songwriters of the 600 most popular songs of the last six years were women, and a devastatingly low two percent of producers across 300 songs were female. “

Learn more about the Panel and Women in Music statistics here

Watch the Grammy’s on February 10th

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