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Angie Flare Releases Second Single “Unleash”

Writer: Angie Flare
Producer: Kees Koek (a Dutch producer)

Story behind the Song:

Unleash is my second single. It’s a powerful anthem for everybody who fell and got up again, fell and got up again…and after every failure gets ready to fight even harder. I wrote the song (music & lyrics) because I feel like I was born to sing. I love it so much, it makes me feel grand and nothing, no matter how many setbacks and disappointments, nothing can stop me from doing it!

Unleash was produced by Kees Koek and was recorded with two very talented young upcoming Dutch musicians; Bas van Wetten on guitar and bass and Micky Fisser on drums.

For the music video, I wrote the script herself and put together a team of upcoming talents to produce it.

“Unleash” is available on all music platforms

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