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Mary Kutter Releases Her Self Produced Single “One Thing”!

riters: Lydia Dall and Ian McConnell
Producer: Mary Kutter

Story behind the Song:

I’ve been in Nashville less than a year and a half, and in that time I’ve made so many incredible friends, but I’ve also met folks who have the mentality of “no”…as in there isn’t room for female artists on radio, or that to be an artist you have to fit in a mold or box of what they think that should look/sound like. This song is about overcoming the naysayers and rising above the negativity and being the best you can be.

I solo produced the song myself. I had an avocado incident at the end of last summer and wasn’t able to use my right hand for two months during recovery from surgery. During the recovery period, I bought a midi keyboard and learned how to produce. I played all the parts on the track myself with my right hand and layered the tracks to make a full band sound. Such a neat experience.

“One Thing” is variable on all music platforms

Listen Here

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