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Biggest Musical Influence?
I listen to all types of music so I don’t have anyone in particular. I think my biggest influence is people and music itself. I get inspiration from lyrics, live shows, peoples energy etc. A drum beat can spark a melody or a synth pad can turn into lyrics, if whatever stands out the most in the creative process.

If you were not an artist right now, what would you be doing?
I’d be a pilot or flight attendant! I love traveling so much, different cultures and ways of life fascinate me; I’d love to see every part of the world, if possible.

If you could give one message to give your fans what would it be?
As cheesy as it may sound, my message would be to be yourself. I’ve struggled trying to change myself to appear cooler, smarter, more talented etc. and you get to the point where you’ve been working towards something that you don’t really want. That level of commitment to the wrong thing messes with your confidence and mental state so I’d say, figure out what the best version of yourself looks like; someone that you’re happy and proud of and be laser focused on developing that person for you alone and nobody else.

What is the weirdest or funniest question you have ever been asked by a fan?
Being from South Africa, I get the usual questions like “Did you grow up in a hut” or “Did lions walk you to school” but I think the weirdest questions are people asking if I’m really foreign or if I’m just putting on an accent. It’s the strangest thing to me, I guess some people have that level of commitment but I don’t have the energy to fake an accent for 14 years.

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